Menopause body changes

We women go through so many bodily changes in life. From going through puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding and through peri menopause all the way to menopause. Our bodies goes through a lot over the years. And as much as we changes through puberty, the same changes happens as we enter menopause.

You will notice changes in your skin, mood, brain , and of course body. To keep up with the changes can be dreadful, especially as you usually have a personality change following the hormonal drop.

So how can you help yourself? First of all, accepting the changes will help you go through this a bit easier. Not saying it will be an easy ride (for most of us). Sorry to say, but becoming even more aware of your health is crucial for wellbeing the older you get. Your body have been through a lot, you now need to care for it even more.

Simple things to always think about – eating nutritional food – exercise daily , PW – sleep and rest – your own time – vitamins and minerals

Care for yourself 💕

Top priorities when it comes to your health

You – you need to invest in you that is the most important thing for your health. So many woman have a hard time putting their needs first and foremost, but you need to.

Food – I can not stress this enough, give yourself proper nutrition, that is your medicine. You have the choice to choose good proper food. Good food for you is greens of all kinds, and as fresh as possible – not processed.

Movement – anything is better than nothing and the aim is at least something small everyday. It kickstart everything inside and it makes wonders for your brain, and skin, you feel batter, become happier and as a bonus you will look better.

Social wellbeing – we all know that past year ment a lot of social distancing. And even if you are an invert, past year was quite lonely. We are not ment to be by ourself. It’s so important to feed your soul with good laughter and caring friends.

Sense of purpose – do you even know what you like? do you remember what you dreamed of as a child? What can you do that makes you loose sense of time completely? Whatever it is – find time to do it.

Belly fat and hormones

Have you noticed that your body fat have shifted? You might have had a body that held fat around your thighs and hips, and as you are getting older, you have developing a belly pouch.

When the female hormones oestrogen starts to decline, you become more insuline resistent and sensitive to carbs. You might have had the exact same calories intake as before , but you start gaining weight. The reason it sticks to your belly is due to the location of your ovaries, where you use to store oestrogen.

A common mistake many women do is starting to increase their cardio and go on a strict diet. But that will actually make things worse. When you put your body through stress “not eating enough or exercise to hard”, your cortisol level increase and your body will “freeze” refusing to let go of any stored fat.

So what can you do?

  • Be kind to yourself – accept some of the changes without giving in
  • Start weight training, muscle mass helps burn fat and strengthen your bones
  • Rest and sleep – every cell in our body need a longer time to recover
  • Do HIT training (intervals) to help your metabolisms without stressing your body to much
  • Keep sugar intake low – I know it’s a bummer
  • But most of all – love yourself

Your best You

It makes me sad to see how far we have come and yet how lost many people are. Health is no rocket science, it is your own creation. The majority of people who don’t suffer from genetic malfunctions or have been exposed to radiation are usually healthy from the start – right?

People tend to have such high thoughts about medication and trust the medical field without even thinking twice. I am not saying that doctors are not needed. They are for sure, they are much needed. But they should from an early stage educate people what they can do to optimal their own health. With proper food, exercise and sleep our body will function at its most optimal state, and (believe it or not) heal itself when needed.

I meet a lot of scepticism when I say this but I trust my own body’s ability to give me optimal health. And I give it the tools needed.Yes, we might need to add some supplements that we lack, some hormones that decline as we age, but more than that – we are built to survive..

We are super machines!

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Health takes a lot of effort

Ok, let’s solve this once and for all. It bugs me when people think that having a fit and #healthy body after 40 has everything to do with good genes and cosmetic surgery. No good people, it has to do with a commitment. Commitment to yourself.

Yes, your genes might bless you with long legs or wide shoulders, but more than that – YOU can create the body you want. Your health is everything, it determines your future. Even more so with age, if you commit to take care of you, everything will turn out for the better.

So yes – if anything, health takes a lot of effort, it takes hours of commitment each and every day. From running, power walking to preparing good and healthy meals. Does that mean, I can’t slouch ever again? Of course not! But your focus should be to stay committed to your health plan 90% of the time.

If your goal is to have a good long life you need to make Health a part of it – make it your lifestyle.

Health – no 1 saviour!

I hope past year and a half woke a lot of people up. The pandemic really got us standing on our toes. Never ever in the history of time have anything seems so unclear. No one could ever have predicted what was about to happen in Mars of 2020 when things really got serious.

Now, all we really know is that health have a major impact of how well your body would cope with this virus. Yes, there where incidents with a healthy people, but the majority of the people who got really sick had some underlying health issue.

Looking back, I hope this will wake people up. Your no 1 focus must be to care for your own wellbeing. And if you are older than 30 your should really focus on making your health your main goal for the future. You have a responsibility to make it your priority.

As I get older, I see what a difference it makes on my mind/focus/skin/sleep overall wellness if I let myself slip and have a couple of cheat days.

Make it your goal to priorities your health this year.

Selfish woman?

Congratulations! I hope you stand up for who you are and that you have a network around you supporting every step you take, regardless what direction.

Being selfish is considerate somewhat negative, especially among woman. Men are better when it comes to schedule their time with activities without even giving it a second thought. You should to. Make plans for your wellbeing, if that wellbeing is going to the gym, meeting friends, visit a spa, read a book, drink champagne alone in a bar or all of the above. What ever it might be.. just do it, not just once do it regularly.

You are not selfish it is called self love – enjoy it!

Feeling the (hormone)blues?

Ladies, I need to address this subject over and over again, as there are so many women out there who is suffering in silence. Yes, I am talking about hormones. From the age of 35 our hormones declines fast, and as we approach 40, things are really picking up.

This phase called perimenopause (leading up to menopause) can last for years. Symptoms can vary greatly and I will not go in to any details here, but one of the most important thing we need to address is mental wellbeing.

You might feel a bit lost, not really knowing what is going on or what is happening. You might find yourself rethinking life, career choices, partner choice and much more. You might feel depressed, totally exhausted, not recognising yourself.

This is perfectly normal, you just have to recognise and undertand the process. Many of you end up taking antidepressants, but usually all you need is a little hormonal help.

So please – make it a priority to check your hormones, and be persistent as many doctors do have minimal training in the subject.

Ageing beautifully

Ageing is a privilege, I mean what are the options? Being able to wake up every morning is a blessing. With age comes a different kind of mindset, a slower more loving and more accepting one. Not that age should stop you, it should not, but your body needs more time for an overall recovery.

You need to be more caring, understanding and forgiving towards yourself. It’s OK not be able to run as fast or as often, not attend these hard core gym classes that you use to. It’s about adjusting your pace to what feels good. That does not mean you should stop challenge yourself – not at all!

What do you need then?

  • Exercise 3 times per week get that heart pumping and work up that sweat, it’s good for your heart, your muscles, hormones, skin and over wellbeing.
  • Stretching – Yoga, flow or just stretching – you need to keep the stiffness that comes with age at bay.. work on that split
  • Sleep – at least 7 hrs.
  • Food and supplements – feed your body with good nutrition
  • Happiness – surround yourself with happiness!

Wellness – much more than diet and exercise

Wellness for me is a fulltime job. It’s not just working on your body in form of exercise or food in form of sticking to a healthy diet. It’s the full concept of YOU. What you feed your mind and body in form of good and bad energy creates your wellness.

In todays society few people actually take the time to figure out who they really are. What’s really is important to them, it’s probably more true when it comes to women than men. Many of us are seekers all through our life, looking for the next thing that will make us feel just a bit better. Many people thinks the outside world carries the answer to an inner fulfilment.

Many of us run so fast we don’t even have the time to stop and reflect to what wellness means for us. How can you reach your optimal wellbeing? Well it’s not going to happen if you don’t allow yourself to be fully present. Then and only then when you allow your own thoughts to break though you can start discovering true Wellness – Wellbeing.