Cooping in odd times – a change for the better?

Hope all of you are doing fine, even though this times are very strange. Have your thoughts changes s in anyway during this Covid pandemic? When all this is over, will you do things differently?

For me, I have become more aware of the now! How important it is to follow your own journey. I have worked harder than I have ever done before, and I feel absolutely drained. My spirit is slowly dying. Even though I am so pleased to have a good job that pays a decent salary, it still not worth it!

I know having a job is something to be grateful these days. But if this is the price to pay? I am not paying it. Maybe it has to do with age or finally realizing my worth. And I am not buying it anymore.

So I have set up a goal to bail out from my current job before the beginning of next year. Starting my own journey once and for all. My time should be spent on things that makes a difference in the world.


Published by We women

With a passion for women's overall health - Body, Mind and Soul. A life and wellness coach focusing on nutritions and hormonal balance. Working with the entire body, inside out. Anti ageing in all ways possible. Want to help women reach their full potential looking their best. I believe you can have a fantastic life and looking and feeling amazing.. Let me help you.. * This is your moment*

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