The price of getting old

Wellness in all ways is positive. But what happens as we get older and loose the ability to actually live? Been visiting my parents who are approaching 80 (not that old) and was quite chocked how fast things can go downhill.

They have always been very active and use too travel a lot. Lived a life free from illness and hardships. They both had careers and been active in different groups as they retired. My dad have held a high position and was well thought off. It took him a good 3 years to really let go of work and actually cope with the fact that his service was no longer needed. My mom on the other hand always had us kids and never really had the same problem with letting go of work. As we kids and her grandkids is/was her soul purpose in life.

They choose to move to a smaller town when me and my sister where adults. A really sad thing I must say. Even as they retired they choose to stay. That way visits have always been around busy Holidays, these normal everyday interactions has never been there. Now I can clearly see that would have been good for them and us. My dad refuse to move closer to us and that is what my mom wants to do now more then anything. So we have a dilemma for sure.

Last year have been tough on my dad who always been the “brain” of the family, as he start becoming dement. All of a sudden me and my sister have to take on a new roles. Becoming parents to our own parents. Its extremely sad and quite paralysing. Teaching my mom to do things my dad use to do, and teaching my dad to let go of the control. I am happy (with a sadness in my heart) to help them as they have been wonderful and loving parents, but it is truly sad to see them like this.

It’s like there are alive but not really living.

And to be honest it makes me start think about my own life. And how valuable all decisions are in life and to always make sure you make the most of your time and life. How crucial it is to take care of body and soul and treasure this thing called life. As nothing last forever and things will for sure change.


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