I just turned another big corner of life. It’s amazing really, I am truly grateful to still be alive. I am here and I am turning a new chapter in my book. This year has put so much need bad stuff on my plate that forced me to rethink my purpose. My body and mind is aching becoming a new me. This is not me, or this is not what I want to use my service for. I was meant to do something else.

And I believe when you reach a point, where you can’t do it anymore and you continuing doing it you become sick. It does’t matter if you are in a relationship that is not working or you’re work does’t fulfill you, if you don’t pay attention it will make you sick

I have made closers in my life, that needed to be done. Some tougher then others and this year has put a perspective to my life. It’s like the paths finally opens up and the dots finally mend together. This year has been so strange, this year has not been like anything else.

Life- bring something good for all of us in 2021!

It’s my moment

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