Changes comes when you are working on your development, it takes time, it should take time. Changing is a progress. When I decided to approach the coaching world and decided on becoming a Life and Wellness coach, it was not just the nutrition part that I was drawn to but the whole concept of working with the entire person, mind, body and soul.

Usually when you are ready to change something in your life, there is a time before you make the decision, a time where you probably had a lot of questions, wonderings and maybe a sense of feeling lost. This is totally normal and a must, it opens up your mind to start to think differently.

You should be moving all the time as a part of constant development, and with moving I am not talking about physical, but emotional. When I decided to quit my full time job, many people was questioning my decision and would find it a bit irresponsible, but for me, it was an absolute MUST.

Lately life have unfolds differently then I have been used to, this have lead me to take steps out of my comfort zon over and over again. And every time, though it have been extremely hard, afterwards I felt such a relief. And when one door was closed, another one was opened. I realised in all of this that if what you are truly seeking is change, you most likely have to go through pain in order to grow. Once the path slowly opens up, there is no way turning back. YOU have to follow along, trust life in it’s full blossom.

Do you feel stuck? or having questions about changing your life, any aspect of it, don’t hesitate contact me.

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