Ageing beautifully

Ageing is a privilege, I mean what are the options? Being able to wake up every morning is a blessing. With age comes a different kind of mindset, a slower more loving and more accepting one. Not that age should stop you, it should not, but your body needs more time for an overall recovery.

You need to be more caring, understanding and forgiving towards yourself. It’s OK not be able to run as fast or as often, not attend these hard core gym classes that you use to. It’s about adjusting your pace to what feels good. That does not mean you should stop challenge yourself – not at all!

What do you need then?

  • Exercise 3 times per week get that heart pumping and work up that sweat, it’s good for your heart, your muscles, hormones, skin and over wellbeing.
  • Stretching – Yoga, flow or just stretching – you need to keep the stiffness that comes with age at bay.. work on that split
  • Sleep – at least 7 hrs.
  • Food and supplements – feed your body with good nutrition
  • Happiness – surround yourself with happiness!

Published by We women

With a passion for women's overall health - Body, Mind and Soul. A life and wellness coach focusing on nutritions and hormonal balance. Working with the entire body, inside out. Anti ageing in all ways possible. Want to help women reach their full potential looking their best. I believe you can have a fantastic life and looking and feeling amazing.. Let me help you.. * This is your moment*

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