Top priorities when it comes to your health

You – you need to invest in you that is the most important thing for your health. So many woman have a hard time putting their needs first and foremost, but you need to.

Food – I can not stress this enough, give yourself proper nutrition, that is your medicine. You have the choice to choose good proper food. Good food for you is greens of all kinds, and as fresh as possible – not processed.

Movement – anything is better than nothing and the aim is at least something small everyday. It kickstart everything inside and it makes wonders for your brain, and skin, you feel batter, become happier and as a bonus you will look better.

Social wellbeing – we all know that past year ment a lot of social distancing. And even if you are an invert, past year was quite lonely. We are not ment to be by ourself. It’s so important to feed your soul with good laughter and caring friends.

Sense of purpose – do you even know what you like? do you remember what you dreamed of as a child? What can you do that makes you loose sense of time completely? Whatever it is – find time to do it.


Published by We women

With a passion for women's overall health - Body, Mind and Soul. A life and wellness coach focusing on nutritions and hormonal balance. Working with the entire body, inside out. Anti ageing in all ways possible. Want to help women reach their full potential looking their best. I believe you can have a fantastic life and looking and feeling amazing.. Let me help you.. * This is your moment*

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