Menopause body changes

We women go through so many bodily changes in life. From going through puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding and through peri menopause all the way to menopause. Our bodies goes through a lot over the years. And as much as we changes through puberty, the same changes happens as we enter menopause.

You will notice changes in your skin, mood, brain , and of course body. To keep up with the changes can be dreadful, especially as you usually have a personality change following the hormonal drop.

So how can you help yourself? First of all, accepting the changes will help you go through this a bit easier. Not saying it will be an easy ride (for most of us). Sorry to say, but becoming even more aware of your health is crucial for wellbeing the older you get. Your body have been through a lot, you now need to care for it even more.

Simple things to always think about – eating nutritional food – exercise daily , PW – sleep and rest – your own time – vitamins and minerals

Care for yourself 💕


Published by We women

With a passion for women's overall health - Body, Mind and Soul. A life and wellness coach focusing on nutritions and hormonal balance. Working with the entire body, inside out. Anti ageing in all ways possible. Want to help women reach their full potential looking their best. I believe you can have a fantastic life and looking and feeling amazing.. Let me help you.. * This is your moment*

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