Excuses be gone – longevity

It makes me frustrated when we keep on giving away our own life for bad food choices. We are well educated and we know what we need to work optimally. Health is no science, is caring for yourself in the best way possible, and food is your medicine.

Coming from a childhood filled with constant throat and ear infections, rashes and a stomach that would not work properly. I was labeled a good and easy child. When in fact I had no energy. I don’t blame my parents they had no clue. I later found out I was gluten intolerant.

I believe what saved me all those years (before quitting gluten) was exercising and eating ok food, greens and vegetables. We all know what to eat to work on our health, there is no magic. Unfortunately health issues are rising and we become more and more sick, earlier in life. Young children that are obese with brain disorders.

We need to start taking care of ourselves and our love once, it’s our responsibility, see it as your retirement plan. And giving your children the best start in life, they deserve it.


Published by We women

With a passion for women's overall health - Body, Mind and Soul. A life and wellness coach focusing on nutritions and hormonal balance. Working with the entire body, inside out. Anti ageing in all ways possible. Want to help women reach their full potential looking their best. I believe you can have a fantastic life and looking and feeling amazing.. Let me help you.. * This is your moment*

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