Healthy – my own way

I am quite tried of self medication. All my life I have had problems with allergies. All the pictures from my childhood are filled with happy rash filled faces. I was always sick, hade numerous of ear infections every year. I did not sleep well at all. When I got a bit older, my ear infections moved towards my throat that left me with constant tonsillitis.

This resultated in me being on penicillin constantly, after a couple of years eating penicillin, my body started to become immune regardless of strength. My doctor then decided to schedule me for a tonsil removal, that turned out to be a life saver. Said and done that following year at the age of 15 was the fist year in my life that I did not fall ill. Looking back I see that my childhood was a blurr, I have hard time remembering places we been to, people we use to hang out with and old friends. School was not a good place for me since I had a hard time just understanding and always home sick.

Not until my 4th child was diagnosed with Gluten intolerans and the doctor said that it is most likely inherited I knew It was from me. I can not blame it on my parents as they did not know, but all my life have been a struggle with different body issues and it makes me mad. Because this was caused by the food industry alone, no one else is to blame. I want my life back, I want to see pictures of a child who is not sick and filled with eczemas. I want to bee the child who did not miss school because of sickness. Today, I still have issues but it comes and goes and if I follow a strikt non-inflammatory diet I am fine. However this really makes me mad. I know have to plan and eat a non inflammatory diet, don´t get me wrong, I love living a healthy lifestyle and I would choose that regardless, but the food have made me sick all my life.

Financial secured as a woman⭐️

Well, not a favorit subject for sure but so important to talk about and understand. I always wanted to be financial in-depended, regardless of what situation I was currently in, from being a singel mom to being married. For me it is a sense of self security, not need to be relying on someone else.

I do understand that situations are different depending on where in the world you live. For me who lives in the Northern part of Europe, we are very focused on being equal, this is both good and bad. Women working as much as our men (well more, since we are still taking care of most of the household shores).

I can’t stress the importance of being financial stable, save as much as you possible can, without it being a struggle. You still need to live once in awhile. But make it a part of a monthly goal to save as much as possible. I think as part of us woman breaking us free from being depended is to have our own financial security and that part starts with you. Even if you are a stay at home mom request some money “no asking money” to make your self secure. As much as we want and hope that our life will stay the same throughout our life it will not. Anything can happen, divorce, death, unemployment.

Building up a financial security will aslo lead you to feeling more secure and in the end happier. I woke up a bit late, but have now released the importance of this. So I have to save even more than if I had started earlier, I have made it in to one of my mission to be a great saver!

So all you woman out there, take care of your self primarily, and you will be able to give more to others in the end.

Success from within

The older I get the more I love my life, I wish I would love to feel like this when I was younger. But I guess there is a meaning to why I am standing where I am And I had to go through the hardship to be where I am today, a place where I can truly explore the true me.

I needed to spend years of wondering what is wrong with me and the way I am, what is wrong with the world? Eventually after punishing myself for years trying to fit in and eventually waking up and facing the truth. This is not me, this is not the way I should be or act. I need to stay true to myself, I can not be someone I am not. I need to be me, and now a couple of years later I am still taking back what was lost when I was commit to fit in, now I am being true to my self and loving myself first!

So should you!


Hard to be rejected

A while back I was out with a couple of friends and was approached by an older man, I recon he was probably at least 10 years my senior.

Anyhow, the man started to talk to me and I answered him politely, but made it quite clear that I was not interested in his invite. It took awhile for him to realized he was being turned down and his charm turned in to bitterness. So out of nowhere he said – don’t be to picky Soon enough you will be too old for anyone to even look twice.

What as a man makes you think that if I am out and around with friends that I am automatically out to flirt? And if you get turned down, be a gentleman about it and just accept it. Don’t be a bitter old fart.

Happy-body and mind

taking care of the body and mind goes hand in hand, the older I get the more important it gets to really listen in om your body, and you do it through your soul. For years I did not listen in, well that was not really true. I was listening but I refused to pay attention and that left me with chronic issues, mostly related to my skin. It has been really bad. I believe that was related to me not listening in on my inner soul. I was always the nice one, never getting in to to any problems, always saying yes,even if my heart and mind was saying no. I had been hiding for such a long time that one day my body gave up and I started to get really health issues.It started out as rash around my eyes, not always but now and then, that lead me to understand that my body was now intolerant to gluten, and all of a sudden I became sick from neglecting my self.

My skin is still an issue from time to time, and I notice that what I put in my mouth make my body react to certain things, It sure makes a difference, and the more I eat well, the less tolerant my body gets to when I cheat (eating gluten). So from now on, I have decided to really be good to my self, by that i mean really eating healthy, what ever that means :)- More vegan, less sugar, less salt,and more meditating, pilates and me time.

Follow my example

Solen ger nykickar

Ju äldre jag blir, ju mer vill har jag ett behov av att vara ute. Verkligen pensionärsvarning men det bjuder jag på! Idag är det sol och jag ska ut och springa/promenera det beror på dagsformen.

Har arbetat 2 veckor och jag tror(hoppas)jag har hamnat rätt. Det känns verkligen bra, proffsigt och framförallt roligt. Jag hade förmodligen inte fått det här tjänsten om det inte vore så att jag arbetat 6 månader på mitt tidigare arbete som jag jag tillslut valde att gå ifrån. Jag ser det som 6 månader utbildning där jag lärde mig grunderna för det jag sitter och gör nu. Framförallt lärde jag känna ett gäng fantastiska tjejer som jag hoppas ha kvar i min vänskapskrets framöver.

Man vet aldrig vart saker och ting leder, ibland behöver man ta omvägar för att nå målet, framförallt behöver man ha tilltro till sig själv. Man ska inte vara rädda för att testa saker och framförallt lyssna på dig själv. Jag har i alla år envisats om att lyssna på andra och följt deras råd och det blir i slutändan oftast inte alls bra! De menar inget illa men det är din egen röst som ska leda dig igen annans.

Ha en underbar dag i vårsolen!

Första veckan på nya jobbet

Fortsatte min akupunktur hela veckan tillsammans med örtavkok (urk) behövde verkligen tvinga ner den. Samtidigt har jag smörjt oändligt med naturliga produkter och avstått från mjölk och socker och jag har absolut blivit bättre. Det hela utlöstes av en ilsken influensa..

Ny vecka på jobbet, nya kollegor och ny arbetsplats, första veckan känns bra och väldigt välkomnande. Ett roligt jobb med massor av happenings!Proffsigt, roligt och modernt trots en stor organisation!

Ser fram emot vad detta ska leda!