Selfish woman?

Congratulations! I hope you stand up for who you are and that you have a network around you supporting every step you take, regardless what direction.

Being selfish is considerate somewhat negative, especially among woman. Men are better when it comes to schedule their time with activities without even giving it a second thought. You should to. Make plans for your wellbeing, if that wellbeing is going to the gym, meeting friends, visit a spa, read a book, drink champagne alone in a bar or all of the above. What ever it might be.. just do it, not just once do it regularly.

You are not selfish it is called self love – enjoy it!


Feeling the (hormone)blues?

Ladies, I need to address this subject over and over again, as there are so many women out there who is suffering in silence. Yes, I am talking about hormones. From the age of 35 our hormones declines fast, and as we approach 40, things are really picking up.

This phase called perimenopause (leading up to menopause) can last for years. Symptoms can vary greatly and I will not go in to any details here, but one of the most important thing we need to address is mental wellbeing.

You might feel a bit lost, not really knowing what is going on or what is happening. You might find yourself rethinking life, career choices, partner choice and much more. You might feel depressed, totally exhausted, not recognising yourself.

This is perfectly normal, you just have to recognise and undertand the process. Many of you end up taking antidepressants, but usually all you need is a little hormonal help.

So please – make it a priority to check your hormones, and be persistent as many doctors do have minimal training in the subject.

Ageing beautifully

Ageing is a privilege, I mean what are the options? Being able to wake up every morning is a blessing. With age comes a different kind of mindset, a slower more loving and more accepting one. Not that age should stop you, it should not, but your body needs more time for an overall recovery.

You need to be more caring, understanding and forgiving towards yourself. It’s OK not be able to run as fast or as often, not attend these hard core gym classes that you use to. It’s about adjusting your pace to what feels good. That does not mean you should stop challenge yourself – not at all!

What do you need then?

  • Exercise 3 times per week get that heart pumping and work up that sweat, it’s good for your heart, your muscles, hormones, skin and over wellbeing.
  • Stretching – Yoga, flow or just stretching – you need to keep the stiffness that comes with age at bay.. work on that split
  • Sleep – at least 7 hrs.
  • Food and supplements – feed your body with good nutrition
  • Happiness – surround yourself with happiness!

Wellness – much more than diet and exercise

Wellness for me is a fulltime job. It’s not just working on your body in form of exercise or food in form of sticking to a healthy diet. It’s the full concept of YOU. What you feed your mind and body in form of good and bad energy creates your wellness.

In todays society few people actually take the time to figure out who they really are. What’s really is important to them, it’s probably more true when it comes to women than men. Many of us are seekers all through our life, looking for the next thing that will make us feel just a bit better. Many people thinks the outside world carries the answer to an inner fulfilment.

Many of us run so fast we don’t even have the time to stop and reflect to what wellness means for us. How can you reach your optimal wellbeing? Well it’s not going to happen if you don’t allow yourself to be fully present. Then and only then when you allow your own thoughts to break though you can start discovering true Wellness – Wellbeing.

Hormones – a curse or a blessing?

Well! a blessing for sure, if in balance, especially the female reproductions once. When in harmony they work as a charm, keeps you happy, fulfilled, sexy and powerful. When working in harmony they keeps you on top. Not until they don´t work in harmony you can really spot the difference. I know I covered the subject before but it can be covered again, and again.

Little did I know that what was causing the creeping non satisfied feelings was actually my hormones leaving the body, checking out once and for all. Symptoms in peri menopause and menopause are usually kind of sneaky and tend to shift from one day to another. And what you expect to be symptom like skipping periods, hot flashes etc, may not even appear.

I went from being a tough curious social being to becoming an introvert who most af all just wanted to crawl under the sheets and wait there for a magical change. Everything became a burdan, to be able to function I had to force myself to do things. I felt depressed and to honest did not recognise myself at all. On top of that, I developed serious brain fog. It came to a point where I could not find words or talk properly, I felt dumb, like my brain had checked out. It´s hard to pinpoint what is going on and because it shifts it takes some time to find out what is actually happening.

Not until I got a hold of a doctor specialising in hormones and was put on HRT (Hormone Replace Therapy) my life slowly started to return. I am not fully at my core yet.. But I am on my way, I can only say – Thank God for HRT and what good it does our bodies, let´s face it – we need those hormones. So all you out there suffering – help can be found!

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Longevity for mind

Longevity is not only for the skin, it’s a concept that we all should aim for. Here are some tips to keep your brain happy.

Giving yourself a good workout will not only benefit your body, but also your mind. It will give your brain some good blood flow, an oxygen kick and at the same time release some happy hormones – a double win!

Did you know that learning a new skill, such as a new language, learning to play an instrument or why not a new sport? Will benefit your brain massively. You don’t have to be best in class. But, by doing something different, you will force your brain to use parts that have been “a sleep” for awhile.

What about sleep? It’s a must for the brain to reduce all the unnecessary excess load that it carried during the awakened hrs. If you can’t catch these 8hrs per night (as few of us can) try to get at least 5-6 hrs un erupted sleep. And squeeze in a nap during the day.

Extra bonus – use your non dominant hand often for all kinds of things. Have fun!

This will keep your brain younger.

Ready for a change? I can help you! Drop me a message!

Longevity for the skin – care for ageing skin

The number one sign of ageing is your skin. Let’s face it, few people are born with super genes that leaves you with plumped skin in your fifties!

It’s easy to think that you don’t have to pay attention to your skin as long as it doesn’t show… well wrong! You have to start taking care of that skin in your twenties.

Longevity for skin, beside nutrition (that is even more important as we become older) you need good supplements, all in the vitamins B, A, E and C category.

Besides that, you need some good defensive skincare routines. I am a big fan of Dermaphen and IPL. Dermaphen leaves you looking quite beaten up for a day or two (if you visit a good dermatologist) but the results are amazing.

It literally saved me a couple of years, it will save you as well. If you do that and use tretinoin cream at night and a good moisturizer during the day – you will have longevity skin.

New chapter – begun

Changes comes when you are working on your development, it takes time, it should take time. Changing is a progress. When I decided to approach the coaching world and decided on becoming a Life and Wellness coach, it was not just the nutrition part that I was drawn to but the whole concept of working with the entire person, mind, body and soul.

Usually when you are ready to change something in your life, there is a time before you make the decision, a time where you probably had a lot of questions, wonderings and maybe a sense of feeling lost. This is totally normal and a must, it opens up your mind to start to think differently.

You should be moving all the time as a part of constant development, and with moving I am not talking about physical, but emotional. When I decided to quit my full time job, many people was questioning my decision and would find it a bit irresponsible, but for me, it was an absolute MUST.

Lately life have unfolds differently then I have been used to, this have lead me to take steps out of my comfort zon over and over again. And every time, though it have been extremely hard, afterwards I felt such a relief. And when one door was closed, another one was opened. I realised in all of this that if what you are truly seeking is change, you most likely have to go through pain in order to grow. Once the path slowly opens up, there is no way turning back. YOU have to follow along, trust life in it’s full blossom.

Do you feel stuck? or having questions about changing your life, any aspect of it, don’t hesitate contact me.

Longing for a change

Life serves you with possibilities and struggles. From that you will grow and develop. Some obstacles are harder to figure out then other, what was really the lesson to be learned here? Some things you can meditate abut forever and yet the answer is still missing. And maybe, just maybe the answer is taking a bit longer for you to really be prepared. The same as when you’re expecting a child, it take’s 9 months to prepare. And when the baby is born, you’re totally clueless anyway.

Lately my WHY has been very clear, and WHAT I want, and HOW I want to serve as well. I have tired not to think about how it will. happen I trust in universe to lead me there.. but boy have I stumbled a cross some heavy roadblocks leaving me somewhat perplex. Not as the road blocks have been easy, they have been really challenging and I have been ready to give in and up.

Standing with both feet steady on the ground ready for a complete change, I am wiling, ready and excited for that change to come, any day now..

Bring it on universe, bring it on!

Peri/Menopause make it your business

Ladies, let´s talk about hormones, well not just hormon, life. Slowly it creeps up on you. It might start with irregular menstrual cycles, moods wings, hot flashes and nights sweets. You may feeling really low and sometime (or most of the time) depressed. Hard or impossible to have a full nights rest. All of a sudden you start putting on weight, in weird places and your body change and become more square like. Belly fat, love handles, and flabby arms.

What about your appearance? dry thin skin that turns in to wrinkles, dry brittle nails. Feel stiff, less flexible, body ace? a general feeling that something is really off? not being your normal self?

First let me tell you, you are not alone, but it is a subject few people talk about, why is it that we have to suffer in silence? Lets face it, your life is rollercoaster of hormones from birth until we take our last breath. And as we become older, we loose the capability to function properly since our oestrogen levels drop along with progesterone and these are really our power sources. We need these hormones to feel good.

So ladies there is a lot one can do without HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) but don´t feel guilty if you need it. You might need it for an overall wellbeing, if so please see your menopause doctor. Not just your normal medical practitioner, set of time to find someone who specialise in this area.

So if you just stated to notice symptoms that sort of remind you of the above start acting on it, and please listen in. One of women weaknesses is not to listen in, not to put their needs as a priority. Not give yourself time to be still and find balance. This is what you need to do first. Sleep and good nutrition of-course but it’s easier said than done. Specially when you feel a bit off, if you are stressed – a salad is probably not what is on your mind.

First thing you can do is keep healthy snacks at home, I will list some good things to have at home.

Nuts, Seeds, Eggs and Yogurt

Walnuts are great for brain function. They contain omega-3. Walnuts are great for your hair and your skin. Brazil nuts. These support your hormones, and they’re great for your skin. Your anti-aging nuts, if you like. We’ve got almonds got loads of protein, vitamin E which is great for your skin. High in Calcium and Magnesium , so they’re going to be really good for your bones and your nails and your hair. Hazelnuts are full of fiber. These are really good for you if your bowels are a little bit sluggish. They’re also really good for your hair and your skin as well.

A spoon full of nut butter is OK if it´s the non sweet one, no added sugar. Pumpkin Seed, full of good oils that are going to help your joints, brain function, and they’re full of magnesium, calcium and Zink as well. Zinc is great for your nails and for your skin. Eggs are OK even with some mayo just to fill you up enough. Organic Greek yogurt with a touch of cinnamon or Cacao powder

And ladies – hang in there we are in this together! More will come