Longevity for the skin – care for ageing skin

The number one sign of ageing is your skin. Let’s face it, few people are born with super genes that leaves you with plumped skin in your fifties!

It’s easy to think that you don’t have to pay attention to your skin as long as it doesn’t show… well wrong! You have to start taking care of that skin in your twenties.

Longevity for skin, beside nutrition (that is even more important as we become older) you need good supplements, all in the vitamins B, A, E and C category.

Besides that, you need some good defensive skincare routines. I am a big fan of Dermaphen and IPL. Dermaphen leaves you looking quite beaten up for a day or two (if you visit a good dermatologist) but the results are amazing.

It literally saved me a couple of years, it will save you as well. If you do that and use tretinoin cream at night and a good moisturizer during the day – you will have longevity skin.

New chapter – begun

Changes comes when you are working on your development, it takes time, it should take time. Changing is a progress. When I decided to approach the coaching world and decided on becoming a Life and Wellness coach, it was not just the nutrition part that I was drawn to but the whole concept of working with the entire person, mind, body and soul.

Usually when you are ready to change something in your life, there is a time before you make the decision, a time where you probably had a lot of questions, wonderings and maybe a sense of feeling lost. This is totally normal and a must, it opens up your mind to start to think differently.

You should be moving all the time as a part of constant development, and with moving I am not talking about physical, but emotional. When I decided to quit my full time job, many people was questioning my decision and would find it a bit irresponsible, but for me, it was an absolute MUST.

Lately life have unfolds differently then I have been used to, this have lead me to take steps out of my comfort zon over and over again. And every time, though it have been extremely hard, afterwards I felt such a relief. And when one door was closed, another one was opened. I realised in all of this that if what you are truly seeking is change, you most likely have to go through pain in order to grow. Once the path slowly opens up, there is no way turning back. YOU have to follow along, trust life in it’s full blossom.

Do you feel stuck? or having questions about changing your life, any aspect of it, don’t hesitate contact me.

Longing for a change

Life serves you with possibilities and struggles. From that you will grow and develop. Some obstacles are harder to figure out then other, what was really the lesson to be learned here? Some things you can meditate abut forever and yet the answer is still missing. And maybe, just maybe the answer is taking a bit longer for you to really be prepared. The same as when you’re expecting a child, it take’s 9 months to prepare. And when the baby is born, you’re totally clueless anyway.

Lately my WHY has been very clear, and WHAT I want, and HOW I want to serve as well. I have tired not to think about how it will. happen I trust in universe to lead me there.. but boy have I stumbled a cross some heavy roadblocks leaving me somewhat perplex. Not as the road blocks have been easy, they have been really challenging and I have been ready to give in and up.

Standing with both feet steady on the ground ready for a complete change, I am wiling, ready and excited for that change to come, any day now..

Bring it on universe, bring it on!

Peri/Menopause make it your business

Ladies, let´s talk about hormones, well not just hormon, life. Slowly it creeps up on you. It might start with irregular menstrual cycles, moods wings, hot flashes and nights sweets. You may feeling really low and sometime (or most of the time) depressed. Hard or impossible to have a full nights rest. All of a sudden you start putting on weight, in weird places and your body change and become more square like. Belly fat, love handles, and flabby arms.

What about your appearance? dry thin skin that turns in to wrinkles, dry brittle nails. Feel stiff, less flexible, body ace? a general feeling that something is really off? not being your normal self?

First let me tell you, you are not alone, but it is a subject few people talk about, why is it that we have to suffer in silence? Lets face it, your life is rollercoaster of hormones from birth until we take our last breath. And as we become older, we loose the capability to function properly since our oestrogen levels drop along with progesterone and these are really our power sources. We need these hormones to feel good.

So ladies there is a lot one can do without HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) but don´t feel guilty if you need it. You might need it for an overall wellbeing, if so please see your menopause doctor. Not just your normal medical practitioner, set of time to find someone who specialise in this area.

So if you just stated to notice symptoms that sort of remind you of the above start acting on it, and please listen in. One of women weaknesses is not to listen in, not to put their needs as a priority. Not give yourself time to be still and find balance. This is what you need to do first. Sleep and good nutrition of-course but it’s easier said than done. Specially when you feel a bit off, if you are stressed – a salad is probably not what is on your mind.

First thing you can do is keep healthy snacks at home, I will list some good things to have at home.

Nuts, Seeds, Eggs and Yogurt

Walnuts are great for brain function. They contain omega-3. Walnuts are great for your hair and your skin. Brazil nuts. These support your hormones, and they’re great for your skin. Your anti-aging nuts, if you like. We’ve got almonds got loads of protein, vitamin E which is great for your skin. High in Calcium and Magnesium , so they’re going to be really good for your bones and your nails and your hair. Hazelnuts are full of fiber. These are really good for you if your bowels are a little bit sluggish. They’re also really good for your hair and your skin as well.

A spoon full of nut butter is OK if it´s the non sweet one, no added sugar. Pumpkin Seed, full of good oils that are going to help your joints, brain function, and they’re full of magnesium, calcium and Zink as well. Zinc is great for your nails and for your skin. Eggs are OK even with some mayo just to fill you up enough. Organic Greek yogurt with a touch of cinnamon or Cacao powder

And ladies – hang in there we are in this together! More will come

Women – ready for 2021?

Tired of the 2020? Ready for 2021? I started a new chapter diving in to my favorit subject health! Studying to become a holistic health coach. Specialising in women and hormones imbalance. My mission is to help women become their best and healthiest self.

As we become older, the body is not working as it use to and we need to change our habits. I don´t know about you but 2020 brought a mix of feelings. Healthwise, it was challenging. Working from home did not make the work life balance easier. Even though I really enjoyed being at home it sure made life easier, the everyday movements (walks, bike rides to and from work) was non existing. And as the months went by it started to show.

With not taking care of your body, brings an overall imbalance. This is such an important issue as we become older (40 + and beyond). When we are young, our bodies are capable to cope with lack of sleep,lack of good nutrition and stress, but if we overdo it, it will show. You will not just feel it in your body, it will show on your posture, your skin and mental health.

And it´s never to late for anything, it is better to do something than doing nothing at all. Whit us women, our bodies function in a special way, and we need to really listening in. A deep soul search once in awhile is very important, your body is going through changes all through your life and it´s important to feel that your mind is following these changes as well.

I know it is easier said then done, especially last year, spending time homeschooling, cooking, cleaning and doing all shores that needs to be done and still keep some kind of sanity. But to start a new beginning, just do one thing. Make time for 10 minutes of totally alone time, no phones, kids. Start listening to your inner voice. Listen as if she was a good friend, give her space to blossom. Honestly, when was the last time you listen in? for real? call it your moment..

I will check in here soon again to give you another mission, but for now give your self 10 minutes of listening in.

Stay healthy and safe.

Next chapter!

I just turned another big corner of life. It’s amazing really, I am truly grateful to still be alive. I am here and I am turning a new chapter in my book. This year has put so much need bad stuff on my plate that forced me to rethink my purpose. My body and mind is aching becoming a new me. This is not me, or this is not what I want to use my service for. I was meant to do something else.

And I believe when you reach a point, where you can’t do it anymore and you continuing doing it you become sick. It does’t matter if you are in a relationship that is not working or you’re work does’t fulfill you, if you don’t pay attention it will make you sick

I have made closers in my life, that needed to be done. Some tougher then others and this year has put a perspective to my life. It’s like the paths finally opens up and the dots finally mend together. This year has been so strange, this year has not been like anything else.

Life- bring something good for all of us in 2021!

It’s my moment

Sweets for a dark soul

I find the pandemic exhausting, not only does it isolate people, it keeps people in constant fear. Uncertain fear. I was OK to stay home for the first couple of months, but now it’s slowly going downhill. Not that I am in any way in love with my current job but being isolation it’s not good for either the body or soul.

I am starting to feel frustrated and a bit sad. I know this will eventually end and will become somewhat normal again. But the bill we have to pay for this will be extremely expensive. Will the cost be worth it? In some cases it might be but for others absolutely not. A lot of people will lose their job, home and loved ones, OK no doubt it has been good for climate. 

Divorce rate has increased 34% during the pandemic and the strains on people will be devastating. Sorry for being negative but, now that I got that out of the chest. How are you doing? What has changed in your life during this year? Let’s kick this virus in the butt and kick start a new tomorrow. Bring some happiness back …please!

I guess the mix of frustration and sadness will be the perfect way to kickstart the rest of your life? right? at least you have more time on your own now right?. Use that time to really go inside and ask yourself what it is that I want? what is important to me and where do I stand? As a woman this questing usually gets blurry after a couple of intense “family” years. We tend to get so involved for better and worse in the family scene.

Working with yourself in more then one way, will fill your soul in all good ways. You might end up feeling totally lost before you find the path that was ment for you. and it might involve a journey you never expected. Aren’t you curious? Curious to find out what you can become, what your gift to the world is it? So mark today the first day of your next step. Your choice to make the world a better place for others.

Health is my no1 fokus in all ways, not just for the body but also for the soul, and thats where I am going.- Health Coach

Willingness for Wellness

Don’t know about you but I find it a bit hard to keep both physical and mental health on top these days. But now more then ever we need to keep our head up high and our body in motion. We don´t know the outcome of this pandemic. But it will sure change the way we live and act in the future. So how do you make sure you will get what you really need? The world is so strange right now, not only when it comes to the pandemic but also with the election in the US. Even though I live in Europe the outcome of this election will impact the rest of the world. And for the first time I really feel worried about the future of our world, humanity and the way we as humans behave.

This is our world, we habitat this earth together with everyone and everything else, including animals and nature. Why is this so hard to respect? What is wrong with the people of this world?

Ok enough! first of all, are you feeling OK? what are you doing to make sure that you managed to take care of yourself the correct way? And what is the correct way? The thing I find most difficult is motivation. To actually make things happen every single day, when all days look exactly the same.

But because of this it’s even more important to do something about it. Make time to do something that you like every day. And make sure to get outside for a walk or 2. And try to keep a healthy diet especially when sitting at home. I make sure to do some kind of excercis daily, it might just be 15 minutes of yoga. But it is still movements. And make sure to get that heart rate and your deep breathing going as this is so important for health reasons. Use those lugns and your heart as well as the daily stretches..

Let´s help one another during this strange time.

Dare to leave – and step out to the unknown

For the longest time my mind have been fixed on how I can serve? Serve outside my home that is. With 4 children it’s hard to remember those dream I once held. But one dream I had was to become a doctor in medicine.

The body and all it’s blessing to this day amazes me. We may talk about iPhones and spaceships and all the tech things in the world. But the body and all it’s functions is truly a miracle. So since doctor did not become my profession. Yet the interest in wellbeing and the body still is a big part of my life.. And since I am quiet tired of my job, as it does not serve a good cause. Neither is it really in my interest. It’s time to make the change. I have been lost for a couple of years just trying to figure out what path to walk. And not until recently it came to me, and I decided to become a health coach. It came to me on a walk a while back, and it has grown stronger over the couple of months. So now is the time to finally take act and commit.

I know that I have a good healthy mind, and a good balance when it comes to food/exercise. I am taking good care of my body. The only thing I lack in is going after what I really want. Last couple of years have been focused on the kids and get a career going.

But here we go finally! I am becoming a health coach, working with body, mind and soul as these goes together. And yes mainly with women as I know my self and other women’s struggles by heart. And this is were I will finally serve. So much looking forward to this.

Dare to dream- dream big

Kickstart fall – with a healthy mindset

So as summer is slowly giving up and cool air is nipping our cheeks, make this the perfect time to restart with the new energy gained (hopefully) during the summer months. Set your mind up for a successful healthy kickstart, with a well planned diet and exercise routine. Let´s face it, a good strong body requires dedication and hard work. If you stick with it and get passed the nagging first month (when the motivation really lacks) I promise you will come to a point were your body will actually crave the exercise and healthy foods.

I have a history of gut issues (IBS) that is related to gluten and dairy intolerance. Unfortunately I become aware of it late in life at when my daughter was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. If I only had know earlier in life it would have spared me loads of health issues. However – the more I read up on how the body and how it actually is functioning the more amazed I become. And the more upset I become with the whole food industry. Your body is nothing short of a miracle – treat it that way.

Make yourself a priority these coming months and your health your no.1 priority. This will help you survive the coming uncertainty. Set a plan to exercise at least for 30 minutes per day. Pilates/Walks/Yoga,Tennis or whatever you enjoy doing. Wherever you are you probably have access to a forest a park, your local gym might me closed but the internet is full of free exercise videos and walking only require a pair of shoes:)

So set yourself up for a good kickstart starting now. A healthy body and mind, will make you cope better with an uncertain future – at least you have control over YOUR life – so make sure to make the best of it.