Sweets for a dark soul

I find the pandemic exhausting, not only does it isolate people, it keeps people in constant fear. Uncertain fear. I was OK to stay home for the first couple of months, but now it’s slowly going downhill. Not that I am in any way in love with my current job but being isolation it’s not good for either the body or soul.

I am starting to feel frustrated and a bit sad. I know this will eventually end and will become somewhat normal again. But the bill we have to pay for this will be extremely expensive. Will the cost be worth it? In some cases it might be but for others absolutely not. A lot of people will lose their job, home and loved ones, OK no doubt it has been good for climate. 

Divorce rate has increased 34% during the pandemic and the strains on people will be devastating. Sorry for being negative but, now that I got that out of the chest. How are you doing? What has changed in your life during this year? Let’s kick this virus in the butt and kick start a new tomorrow. Bring some happiness back …please!

I guess the mix of frustration and sadness will be the perfect way to kickstart the rest of your life? right? at least you have more time on your own now right?. Use that time to really go inside and ask yourself what it is that I want? what is important to me and where do I stand? As a woman this questing usually gets blurry after a couple of intense “family” years. We tend to get so involved for better and worse in the family scene.

Working with yourself in more then one way, will fill your soul in all good ways. You might end up feeling totally lost before you find the path that was ment for you. and it might involve a journey you never expected. Aren’t you curious? Curious to find out what you can become, what your gift to the world is it? So mark today the first day of your next step. Your choice to make the world a better place for others.

Health is my no1 fokus in all ways, not just for the body but also for the soul, and thats where I am going.- Health Coach

Willingness for Wellness

Don’t know about you but I find it a bit hard to keep both physical and mental health on top these days. But now more then ever we need to keep our head up high and our body in motion. We don´t know the outcome of this pandemic. But it will sure change the way we live and act in the future. So how do you make sure you will get what you really need? The world is so strange right now, not only when it comes to the pandemic but also with the election in the US. Even though I live in Europe the outcome of this election will impact the rest of the world. And for the first time I really feel worried about the future of our world, humanity and the way we as humans behave.

This is our world, we habitat this earth together with everyone and everything else, including animals and nature. Why is this so hard to respect? What is wrong with the people of this world?

Ok enough! first of all, are you feeling OK? what are you doing to make sure that you managed to take care of yourself the correct way? And what is the correct way? The thing I find most difficult is motivation. To actually make things happen every single day, when all days look exactly the same.

But because of this it’s even more important to do something about it. Make time to do something that you like every day. And make sure to get outside for a walk or 2. And try to keep a healthy diet especially when sitting at home. I make sure to do some kind of excercis daily, it might just be 15 minutes of yoga. But it is still movements. And make sure to get that heart rate and your deep breathing going as this is so important for health reasons. Use those lugns and your heart as well as the daily stretches..

Let´s help one another during this strange time.

Dare to leave – and step out to the unknown

For the longest time my mind have been fixed on how I can serve? Serve outside my home that is. With 4 children it’s hard to remember those dream I once held. But one dream I had was to become a doctor in medicine.

The body and all it’s blessing to this day amazes me. We may talk about iPhones and spaceships and all the tech things in the world. But the body and all it’s functions is truly a miracle. So since doctor did not become my profession. Yet the interest in wellbeing and the body still is a big part of my life.. And since I am quiet tired of my job, as it does not serve a good cause. Neither is it really in my interest. It’s time to make the change. I have been lost for a couple of years just trying to figure out what path to walk. And not until recently it came to me, and I decided to become a health coach. It came to me on a walk a while back, and it has grown stronger over the couple of months. So now is the time to finally take act and commit.

I know that I have a good healthy mind, and a good balance when it comes to food/exercise. I am taking good care of my body. The only thing I lack in is going after what I really want. Last couple of years have been focused on the kids and get a career going.

But here we go finally! I am becoming a health coach, working with body, mind and soul as these goes together. And yes mainly with women as I know my self and other women’s struggles by heart. And this is were I will finally serve. So much looking forward to this.

Dare to dream- dream big

Kickstart fall – with a healthy mindset

So as summer is slowly giving up and cool air is nipping our cheeks, make this the perfect time to restart with the new energy gained (hopefully) during the summer months. Set your mind up for a successful healthy kickstart, with a well planned diet and exercise routine. Let´s face it, a good strong body requires dedication and hard work. If you stick with it and get passed the nagging first month (when the motivation really lacks) I promise you will come to a point were your body will actually crave the exercise and healthy foods.

I have a history of gut issues (IBS) that is related to gluten and dairy intolerance. Unfortunately I become aware of it late in life at when my daughter was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. If I only had know earlier in life it would have spared me loads of health issues. However – the more I read up on how the body and how it actually is functioning the more amazed I become. And the more upset I become with the whole food industry. Your body is nothing short of a miracle – treat it that way.

Make yourself a priority these coming months and your health your no.1 priority. This will help you survive the coming uncertainty. Set a plan to exercise at least for 30 minutes per day. Pilates/Walks/Yoga,Tennis or whatever you enjoy doing. Wherever you are you probably have access to a forest a park, your local gym might me closed but the internet is full of free exercise videos and walking only require a pair of shoes:)

So set yourself up for a good kickstart starting now. A healthy body and mind, will make you cope better with an uncertain future – at least you have control over YOUR life – so make sure to make the best of it.

Menopause in making

Well, where should I start? Hot flashes, nightmares, headache, mood swings, depression? Fatigue, lack of lust? Recognize any of above symptoms? Add weight gain in not so flattering places and a feeling of being invisible? It’s like you don’t recognize yourself.

It’s a terrible and uncertain time to go through menopause. You never know how fast it will be over, how strong it will hit you or how it will effect you. If you are like me you want to feel normal without taking a bunch of supplement hormones. Hormones is what throws us of balance in the first place – right? For sure this time around it’s the lack of it.

Well sister I am here to help you out and to give you some hope in this uncertain time. Firstly it’s time to start caring for you. If you’re like most women you’re a pleaser, helping others have been a priority in life for the last decades. Raising a family, takes a lot of time and let’s face it, time flies and boom – you lost a decade and a half to others. Not that that is wrong. But now is the time to refocus on yourself. Time to give yourself love ❤️.

So what has this to do with menopause? Well it’s a new phase in your life and the changes should be recognized as something good. This is the time of bringing YOU back in focus. Because now is the time you really need it.

Let’s face it we are no longer 20 and we need to act accordingly to that. Everything is going slower these days due to slower cell turnover. Your body is slowing down and so should you, in certain areas. And you also need to fuel your body with good nutrition to keep up with living a healthy life.

You are what you eat. And what you eat stays in your body a long time. So ladies please take a good lock at what you eat! Is it mostly leafy greens, little or no meat?few (if any)dairy products and no gluten. Good that’s a good start – this will help keep inflammation at bay. Remember you have walked the earth for a couple of years now, things are bad things are trapped in your system that along that with air pollution can cause damage to your body.

When it comes to hormones- and imbalance. It needs to be approached from all angles. It’s easy to follow a good healthy diet if you know that it will help you feel and look your best. And I promise it will be worth it. You have a lot of years a head of you the aim is to make them your best.

I don’t want to mix with hormone replacement therapy, at least not artificial once. So I am taking wild yam as a natural estrogen kicker. There is different progesterone alternative that I am also looking in to as a supplement to get my self in balance.

Another thing you need to invest in is your exercise routine. I don’t care if you only set out for short walk, you need to move your body. Best is to break a sweat, this will not only clean your system of toxin. It will kick start the development of growth hormone and serotonin your happy hormone, something we really need.

So ladies, make yourself a priority. And let’s go through this together 💚

The price of getting old

Wellness in all ways is positive. But what happens as we get older and loose the ability to actually live? Been visiting my parents who are approaching 80 (not that old) and was quite chocked how fast things can go downhill.

They have always been very active and use too travel a lot. Lived a life free from illness and hardships. They both had careers and been active in different groups as they retired. My dad have held a high position and was well thought off. It took him a good 3 years to really let go of work and actually cope with the fact that his service was no longer needed. My mom on the other hand always had us kids and never really had the same problem with letting go of work. As we kids and her grandkids is/was her soul purpose in life.

They choose to move to a smaller town when me and my sister where adults. A really sad thing I must say. Even as they retired they choose to stay. That way visits have always been around busy Holidays, these normal everyday interactions has never been there. Now I can clearly see that would have been good for them and us. My dad refuse to move closer to us and that is what my mom wants to do now more then anything. So we have a dilemma for sure.

Last year have been tough on my dad who always been the “brain” of the family, as he start becoming dement. All of a sudden me and my sister have to take on a new roles. Becoming parents to our own parents. Its extremely sad and quite paralysing. Teaching my mom to do things my dad use to do, and teaching my dad to let go of the control. I am happy (with a sadness in my heart) to help them as they have been wonderful and loving parents, but it is truly sad to see them like this.

It’s like there are alive but not really living.

And to be honest it makes me start think about my own life. And how valuable all decisions are in life and to always make sure you make the most of your time and life. How crucial it is to take care of body and soul and treasure this thing called life. As nothing last forever and things will for sure change.

Cooping in odd times – a change for the better?

Hope all of you are doing fine, even though this times are very strange. Have your thoughts changes s in anyway during this Covid pandemic? When all this is over, will you do things differently?

For me, I have become more aware of the now! How important it is to follow your own journey. I have worked harder than I have ever done before, and I feel absolutely drained. My spirit is slowly dying. Even though I am so pleased to have a good job that pays a decent salary, it still not worth it!

I know having a job is something to be grateful these days. But if this is the price to pay? I am not paying it. Maybe it has to do with age or finally realizing my worth. And I am not buying it anymore.

So I have set up a goal to bail out from my current job before the beginning of next year. Starting my own journey once and for all. My time should be spent on things that makes a difference in the world.

Aging with confidence

So how do you look at aging? do you look at it with curiosity, fear, hate or love? I look at with mixed emotions. First of all, a part of me still crave youth, yes, sure, looks is a part of it. But not as much as other benefits of being young. The skin has lost it’s i moister and plumpness, well, lets face it, you need to put more effort in to it if you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Skin turnover is slowing down and need an extra caring hand, some dry brushing followed by some good moisturizer cream will go a long way.

Extra moisture underneath the eyes

Flexibility is another example, my body needs a lot more stretching (in my case Yoga Flow) to handle the not so charming stiffness that sneaked up on me last couple of years. Yes things are kind off going south as well, the body is changing and you need to rethink your overall body/mind strategy.

Time to get tough

Now is the perfect time to kickstart new routine and work on areas that need extra care, such as belly, butt and arms (if you are a woman).

But with all that said, I love becoming older as it’s like entering a new phase ,where you have the confident and hopefully gain some self respect to finally show the world who you really are.

You can stand up tall and be proud of who you have become and the skin issues as well as the body issues is only a sign that you should give yourself more love and caring.. because you earned and deserve it. So before the world wake up from it’s isolations you now have time to really kickstart something good with focus on some self care.

Aging is a gift in more than one way, enjoy it, walk through it with confident and show the world the true YOU

Workout when working from home

You would think that squeezing in an hour of workout during the day would be no trouble at all, working from home. If anything my initial thought was to use the “forced” isolation to my advantage.

Make time to really get in shape. Well going on day 25 in isolation and I have barely made it out the door. I work harder then ever before and feel totally exhausted when the day is over. I stick to my morning routine to get some kind of structure. I do my morning yoga (thank God) and I even get the gym outfit on, but that is about it.

All of a sudden the day has passed I am standing there with my gym clothes on making dinner. Well I guess all I can do is laugh. That’s it. At work, I would use my lunch hour to go to the gym, I would also always ride my bike to and from work. But now nothing, and I feel it everywhere. Stiff, trouble sleeping, my skin feels “dirty” like it needs to detox though sweating intensly.

Well no one can change it but me- I need to get my act together and use the opportunity when working from home. Turn it around and maybe if we are lucky. We might start moving outside again next summer (2021) and by then I f I start now I will be in excellent shape.💫

Totally out of balance

Something is definitely wrong with me, well beside going through the isolation due to Corona, witch actually is going better than I ever expected. I actually enjoy working from home. But beside that I have some sort of unbalanced in my body.

I have felt it for quite awhile now, and I really need to fix as it is destroying my life. I really dislike going to the doctor, getting my blood taken just to get the information- you’re test came back in the normal range! Well Ok, but I don’t feel fine at all. Actually don’t want to take medicine, I am taking the tests at the doctors office to figure out what is wrong, so I can help/heal myself.

I am a strong believer that your body heals itself, if given the right nutrition. But that requires finding out where the imbalance is. As for now. I believe is has to do with my thyroid, and when having an issue with that, it can often lead to iron deficiency witch I know I have. So when trying to figure out how to assist this imbalance through Google ( yes I know) my body is really suffering. Or I should say I am really suffering and I don’t want to feel like this. It is not me. I am tired, my skin is super dry, I can’t think at all! hair loss, brittle nails total brain fog. Finishing one task takes forever, and if I include something like a job report (that usually takes under 1 hour) it takes forever. I feel dumb.

My energy is gone, I don’t recognize myself at all. And that is not an option for me. The body is such a complex machinery. So healing is on my agenda, through meditation, exercise, good nutrition and maybe if needed some medicine at least to get my self up to a normal level. . And self love ❤️

Please feel free to help me out if you have any tips.