Past year

When growing past your bubble you feel lost all the time. I have set goals for my self for quite some time. Set goal without taking accountability for reaching them. It’s as easy to write them down as it is to not follow through. So now my goal is to start over and do things right.

I have promised to follow through.

Past year have been good, really good, I finally found a good job, after 3+ years struggling with no job and temporary jobs. I truly believe it was meant to be. The years of struggle made me grow and develop in many ways.

Health and finally taking my career to a new level has been on my agenda and the road there is not very straight. It’s a commitment that takes time effort and willpower!

Yesterday I did a water fast! It’s a part of the new healthy path I am on! It went super. So I am continuing with intermittent fasting aiming at a 20/4 eating hour of 4.

Goal to lose weight, and slim down🔥

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