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Health in different ways and forms

Being fit is absolutely a good way to stay healthy. However becoming older, your cells turnover slows down, which means it takes the body longer to recover both after activity and for example a wound. The skins elasticity decrees. You have to work harder with what you have. I still believe strongly in maintaining your HIIT training 3 times a week for a-proximity 30 min per session – during this time you should really sweat. 😓, If you jog, do burpees or really intense Yoga, is all up to you as long as you do something that gets your heart pumping.

This will kickstart your growth hormone, something that decreases we become older. And growth hormones will keep us younger longer, both in body and mind. I want to live a good healthy live and that requires good things inside and out.

But health comes in different forms, It’s not just fitness, it´s also stress and a lot of other things I understood late in life that I was intolerant to gluten, I did not hava a specific issue with my gut , but with my skin, in form of eczema. I was also very sick, my childhood was filled with constant ear and throat infections. I was eating antibiotics 24/7 which I have now learned killed millions of my good gut bacterias, those little helpers that was suppose to help me out. It was really bad. This lead to an inner stress that have caused permanent damage to my body.

Now days, stress is a major no no for me, I really watch what I eat and move everyday in a way I am comfortable with. I don´t stress it as I use to, I let my self rest, If my body craves it. I try to avoid sugar, as that is really bad, for absolutely everything.

How do you keep healthy? got any tips?


Pure love from Florida☀️

How can anything be so beautiful🥰? Living in the northern part of Europe in a country where the winter outshines the summer by many months and the sun barely goes up during the month of December , this is pure love.

Sweden is beautiful in many ways and yes, during summer we get the opposite, we have the long summer days when the sun barely sets. But one thing we don’t have is fresh fruits like this, the taste is amazing.. staying healthy is so much easier when surrounded by these options☀️