Tired of the 2020? Ready for 2021? I started a new chapter diving in to my favorit subject health! Studying to become a holistic health coach. Specialising in women and hormones imbalance. My mission is to help women become their best and healthiest self.

As we become older, the body is not working as it use to and we need to change our habits. I don´t know about you but 2020 brought a mix of feelings. Healthwise, it was challenging. Working from home did not make the work life balance easier. Even though I really enjoyed being at home it sure made life easier, the everyday movements (walks, bike rides to and from work) was non existing. And as the months went by it started to show.

With not taking care of your body, brings an overall imbalance. This is such an important issue as we become older (40 + and beyond). When we are young, our bodies are capable to cope with lack of sleep,lack of good nutrition and stress, but if we overdo it, it will show. You will not just feel it in your body, it will show on your posture, your skin and mental health.

And it´s never to late for anything, it is better to do something than doing nothing at all. Whit us women, our bodies function in a special way, and we need to really listening in. A deep soul search once in awhile is very important, your body is going through changes all through your life and it´s important to feel that your mind is following these changes as well.

I know it is easier said then done, especially last year, spending time homeschooling, cooking, cleaning and doing all shores that needs to be done and still keep some kind of sanity. But to start a new beginning, just do one thing. Make time for 10 minutes of totally alone time, no phones, kids. Start listening to your inner voice. Listen as if she was a good friend, give her space to blossom. Honestly, when was the last time you listen in? for real? call it your moment..

I will check in here soon again to give you another mission, but for now give your self 10 minutes of listening in.

Stay healthy and safe.

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